Currently, I dedicate my time to the movement of automated characters. The truth is that I have not found similar work on social networks, Internet tutorials, fairs, etc. so I have not been able to compare my work to that of other artisans. Thus, I am self-taught. A big challenge for me was maintaining the movement of characters while integrating them into dollhouses.

When I want to attain a determined movement according to what I am making, the form has to be adapted, looking for adequate movement axes, in a way that creates a precise form most similar to human movement.

My characters are made of modeling clay, and because I don’t work with molds they are all unique pieces. There are times when their expressions spring forth as I work without being designed beforehand. I create everyday scenes, in which protagonists generally are grandparents, housewives and children.

The movements are produced by an electric motor that is connected directly to a network of 220 volts, without a transformer. In terms of the installation, the only necessary change is a small hole in the wall of the room (the connecting piece is separated). A cable is passed through the hole and the key piece is reconnected behind the house. Because they are delicate pieces with very precise movements, the postures cannot be modified.